Collection: Console and Controller Repair Services

Behind the storefronts of Gameroom are an army of repair technicians who systematicaly test and refurbish game consoles, controllers, cartridges and discs.  These technicians of technology systematically dissect and rebuild just about anything that has been plugged into a TV and played with.  

Find your problem here, and we can fix it.  If you are local, just drop it by one of our shops and we will call you when it is done.  If you are too far to drive, just ship your console to us, and we will call you to confirm details and gather payment when the repair is successful.   

Guaranteed repairs.  No fix = No Pay.

Shipping Service Instructions:

Step 1: Find your console type
Step 2: Find the problem you are having
Step 3: Purchase the console repair service
Step 4: Send us your console.  Please do not send anything but the device you have selected.  We have the cords required.
Include Contact Information and Order Number.  
Step 5: Wait (can take 2-4 Weeks)
Step 6:  Receive your fully repaired console back in the mail.  Enjoy

Please note.  Some consoles are NOT repairable due to unforeseen physical damage.  We will refund all charges for unrepairable consoles.  We will happily return unrepairable consoles via the mail. Customer will be billed the cost of shipping.  


Gameroom Repairs
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