In-Store Policy (What we buy)

We will buy in anything Video Game related, vintage or new tech, and physical media. We may offer to buy broken items. We reserve the right to refuse any item that is significantly old, doesn't work, or an item that holds no market value. If we don't purchase the items, we will still offer to recycle the items for free.

Buy-in Process

We offer fair market value for every trade-in item. We have set prices for general items that are commonly bought in and sold in our stores. Any item not in our system will be bought in through the discretion of the store associate and the fair market value of the item. 

We will inspect the item for any physical damage and test the item's function. Price will vary based on the condition of the item being sold. 

Price Quote

We will quote you our buy-in price before the transaction is completed and a verbal agreement is made. The seller will have the option to take in-store credit instead of cash, which will be equal to one and one half the value of the cash option. 


Store credit does not expire and will be honored at any location. We are currently working to add an option to use in-store credit at (online storefront). Tax is not taken out when you use in-store credit to purchase other items from the Gameroom.


We do negotiate on certain items. If an item to be sold is unusual and has a high value fair market value, then a counteroffer can be made. We reserve the right to refuse a counteroffer and will explain said refusal and make another offer. We are less willing to negotiate on more common items. We may offer to make a bulk purchase, if you have several items that you would like to sell and you would like to forgo testing on each item.

Approximate Quotes

If you request a quote via Facebook or Email (Please do not call for a quote unless you do not have reliable access to the internet), we will give you an approximate quote. This is an approximation based on the information given to us. We may refuse to give approximate quotes on items, where the value relies heavily on the condition of the item. This is an approximation and an official quote will be given in-store. Store- associates may still ask to test the item and prior communications about the item might not be taken into consideration.

Selling to Gameroom Online

You may offer to sell Gameroom your items through mail services. However, cash will not be transferred until the item is received and tested by the Gameroom. We are not responsible for any item lost in the mail and will send any item back that we do not purchase. Larger items may require significant shipping fees on your behalf. We do make bulk purchases and may offer to purchase items based on lot size instead of individual values.

How to sell to Gameroom Online

If you want to sell to us online we ask that you contact Gameroom first and send us photos and a list of all the items you want to sell. We will give you an approximate quote and explain how to complete the transaction. If you agree with this quote, we will ask you to ship the item(s) to us. Once we receive and inspect the product, we will give you an actual quoted offer. You can negotiate, refuse, or accept the offer, but we hold the right to refuse any counteroffer. If there is no deal, you the seller will have to pay for any return shipping fees. We may offer to ship your items back to you, but assume you will have to pay for all shipping costs unless stipulated in prior communications. If Offers are not accepted by the sender within a week, it will be considered a refusal. We will attempt to send your items back to you unless a new Offer is accepted. 

Laws and Regulations 

Gameroom will follow all laws and regulations whenever items are brought into the store. We will refuse to purchase from individuals on the no pawn list. If we have reason to believe a buy-in item is stolen or being sold by a third party to circumvent the laws, We will refuse to purchase the items. We reserve the right to refuse any buy-in sent to us. Buy-in conditions may change and we encourage customers who sell to us to periodically check out our buy-in guidelines. 

We buy everything and anything. These are just guidelines to keep our customers informed of our current practices. We want to keep old tech away from the dumpsters!