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Barbie as Island Princess - Game Boy Advance

Barbie as Island Princess - Game Boy Advance

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Barbie as the Island Princess is a girlish adventure game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance that immerses players in a charming fairy-tale world. The game, classified under the adventure and simulation genres, is inspired by the Barbie movie of the same name. Players guide Barbie as Princess Rosella through a series of mini-games and quests across her tropical island home, befriending animal companions and uncovering secrets along the way. The game features vibrant graphics, light-hearted puzzles, and an engaging storyline suited for younger audiences who love the enchantment of Barbie's universe.

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Platform: Game Boy Advance
Release Date:
Genre: Adventure

Tags: Adventure | Gameboy Advance | GBA | Media | Nintendo | Video Games

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