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Castlevania - N64

Castlevania - N64

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Castlevania for the Nintendo 64, also known simply as Castlevania, is a 3D action-adventure game that marks the iconic franchise's first foray into three-dimensional gameplay. Released in 1999, players enter a gothic horror universe where they battle against vampires, monsters, and the undead. Assuming the role of either Reinhardt Schneider, a whip-wielding vampire hunter, or Carrie Fernandez, a young girl with magical abilities, the player navigates through ominous environments, solving puzzles and defeating the evil Count Dracula. The game blends platforming with combat and exploration elements, encapsulating its dark, medieval aesthetic.

More Info

Platform: Nintendo N64
Release Date: January 25, 1999
Genre: Adventure
ESRB Rating: T Animated Blood, Animated Violence
Composer: Masahiko Kimura, Motoaki Furukawa, Mariko Egawa
Developer: KCE Kobe
Publisher: Konami
Gameplay Mechanics: Action-adventure, Platforming
Visual Style: 3D
Controller: standard
Single Player: Yes
Multiplayer: No
Local Multiplayer: undefined Players
Online Multiplayer: undefined Players

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