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Centipede Breakout and Warlords - Game Boy Advance

Centipede Breakout and Warlords - Game Boy Advance

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Centipede Breakout for GBA is a fusion of two classic arcade titles. It merges the shoot-'em-up gameplay of Centipede, where players blast through a field of advancing bugs and mushrooms, with the block-breaking action of Breakout, where you strategically bounce a ball to clear blocks. This hybrid game brings nostalgic challenges to a new platform.

Warlords for GBA is a strategic, action-packed title blending castle defense with fast-paced arcade-style gameplay. Players protect their castles from marauding attackers, manage their armies, and capture enemy fortresses, combining real-time defense with quick thinking and strategy.

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Platform: Game Boy Advance
Release Date:
Genre: Arcade

Tags: Arcade | Gameboy Advance | GBA | Lincoln | Media | Nintendo | Omaha | Video Games

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