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Coded Arms Contagion - PSP

Coded Arms Contagion - PSP

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* Disc Only includes just the disc in a protective sleeve. *

Coded Arms Contagion is a first-person shooter for the Sony PSP, set within a futuristic virtual reality world. Players take on the role of a hacker combatant, navigating through a sophisticated and dangerous digital realm filled with a wide array of cybernetic enemies. The game boasts an arsenal of upgradable weapons, challenging levels, and a robust multiplayer mode. With its immersive VR environment and intense action gameplay, Coded Arms Contagion offers a gripping on-the-go FPS experience unique to PSP gamers, catering to fans of science fiction and virtual combat.

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Platform: PSP
Release Date:
Genre: FPS

Tags: FPS | Lincoln | Media | Playstation | PSP | Sony | Video Games

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