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Console System | Black - N64

Console System | Black - N64

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Tags: Consoles | CV-A | Gem | Grand Island | Hardware | N64 | Nintendo | Nintendo 64 | Unit


USED System Pack

N64 CV-A USED System Pack

∙ External Buttons Functional

∙ Accepts Composite Cables, and Power Supply

∙ Power Button is Responsive and Successfully Boots Console

∙ Jumper Pak Accepted Boots Console

∙ Accepts N64 Carts and Ejects Them

∙ Successfully boots games

∙ Reset Button works

∙ All 4 N64 Controller Ports Working

∙ Extension Port is guaranteed

∙ Functional Defect (Jumper pak cover missing)

∙ Shake Test (Console has no bits and pieces rattling around inside.)

Store: Grand Island


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