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Doom: The Classics Collection - Switch

Doom: The Classics Collection - Switch

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Doom: The Classics Collection is a compilation for the Nintendo Switch that brings together some of the most iconic titles in the first-person shooter genre. Released in 2021, this collection includes the original 'Doom' (1993), 'Doom II: Hell on Earth' (1994), and 'Doom 3' (2004). Players get to experience the games that defined fast-paced, action-packed shooting gameplay, battling against hordes of demons through varied levels, armed with an arsenal of powerful weapons. Each game represents a landmark in gaming history, featuring groundbreaking graphics and sound for its time, and they retain a significant following for both their nostalgic value and enduring gameplay.

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Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date:
Genre: First-person shooter
Rating: M
Year: 2021

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