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Juka and the Monophonic Menace - GBA

Juka and the Monophonic Menace - GBA

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Juka and the Monophonic Menace is an action-adventure game for the Game Boy Advance which was released in 2005. It features a blend of puzzle-solving and combat, with a unique audio-based magic system. Players step into the shoes of Juka, a young alchemist who must use his abilities to defeat the Monophonic Menace spreading across the land. Combining elements of exploration with an engaging storyline, the game appeals to fans of the genre seeking a portable adventure.

More Info

Platform: Nintendo GBA Gameboy Advance
Release Date: October 23, 2006
Genre: Adventure
ESRB Rating: E
Composer: Siegfried Croes
Developer: Orbital Media, Inc.
Publisher: SouthPeak Games
Gameplay Mechanics: Action-adventure, Puzzle solving
Visual Style: 2D graphics
Controller: standard
Single Player: Yes
Multiplayer: No
Local Multiplayer: undefined Players
Online Multiplayer: undefined Players

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