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K-1 Revenge - PS1

K-1 Revenge - PS1

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K-1 Revenge for Sony PlayStation 1 is a combat sports game focused on the K-1 kickboxing tournament. As a fighting game, it features a roster of real-life K-1 fighters, offering players the chance to step into the ring as one of the martial arts elites. The game includes various modes such as tournament, single match, and team battle. Its gameplay emphasizes a mix of kicks, punches, and blocks, capturing the intensity of K-1 competitions. The game aims to provide a realistic simulation of the sport complete with authentic fighter moves and tactics, appealing to both kickboxing fans and fighting game enthusiasts.

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Platform: PS1
Release Date:
Genre: Fighting

Tags: Fighting | Media | Playstation | Playstation 1 | Playstation One | PS1 | Sony | Video Games

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