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New Tetris, The - N64

New Tetris, The - N64

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The New Tetris for Nintendo 64 is a puzzle video game, belonging to the iconic Tetris franchise. Released in 1999, it incorporates the classic tile-matching gameplay of arranging falling tetrominoes to clear horizontal lines without leaving gaps. This N64 rendition stands out with new features like the ability to hold pieces and the addition of 'Gold Tetrominoes,' which create a solid gold square when perfectly interlocked, offering bonus points. Its multiplayer mode and updated graphics offer a fresh experience for both long-time fans and newcomers to the genre of cerebral strategy and rapid reflex puzzles.

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Platform: N64
Brand: Nintendo
Release Date:
Genre: Puzzle

Tags: Lincoln | Media | N64 | Nintendo | Nintendo 64 | Puzzle | Video Games

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