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Ninja Gaiden - Game Gear

Ninja Gaiden - Game Gear

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Ninja Gaiden for the Sega Game Gear is a side-scrolling action platformer game released in 1991. It's an adaptation of the NES title with adjustments for the handheld experience. Players control Ryu Hayabusa, a skilled ninja on a quest to avenge his father's death and uncover a mysterious artifact. The game features intense combat, acrobatic platforming, and a variety of weapons and power-ups. With its challenging gameplay and ninja-themed storyline, Ninja Gaiden offers an engaging and classic experience for retro gaming enthusiasts.

More Info

Platform: Sega Game Gear
Release Date: December 31, 1990
Genre: Adventure
Developer: SIMS Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Sega
Gameplay Mechanics: Side-scrolling, Action, Platform
Visual Style: 2D pixel art
Controller: standard
Single Player: Yes
Multiplayer: No
Local Multiplayer: undefined Players
Online Multiplayer: undefined Players

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