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One Piece Pirates Carnival - PS2

One Piece Pirates Carnival - PS2

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One Piece Pirates Carnival is a party game for Sony PS2 that takes its inspiration from the popular anime series, One Piece. Published by Namco Bandai Games and developed by h.a.n.d., the game is set in a board game-style environment and offers mini-games packed with challenges. Players navigate through different islands, battling pirates and discovering treasures, closely following the storyline of the anime. Gameplay revolves around strategic card-based moves, quick reflex actions, and competitive player interactions. As a party genre game, it offers four-player multiplayer capabilities, creating an engaging and exciting experience for One Piece fans and casual gamers alike.

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Platform: PS2
Brand: Bandai
Release Date:
Genre: Fighting

Tags: Fighting | Media | Playstation 2 | Playstation Two | PS2 | Sony | Video Games

SKU: 722674100502

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