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PGA Tour Golf - Game Gear

PGA Tour Golf - Game Gear

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PGA Tour Golf is a sports video game that simulates professional golf, specifically focusing on the PGA Tour. It was originally designed for various platforms, and a version for the Game Gear was released, providing handheld gamers with a portable golfing experience. The game features multiple courses, each with its own unique challenges, and allows players to compete in different tournament modes, honing their skills, and aiming for the top of the leaderboard. Although the Game Gear's version might have had some limitations due to hardware constraints, it still aimed to deliver a solid golfing experience on-the-go. The exact year of the Game Gear version release might differ from the initial release on other platforms.

More Info

Platform: Sega Game Gear
Release Date: December 30, 1991
Genre: Sports simulation
Composer: Rob Hubbard
Developer: Polygames, Sterling Silver Software
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Gameplay Mechanics: sports simulation
Visual Style: 2D sprite-based graphics
Controller: standard
Single Player: Yes
Local Multiplayer: 1-4 Players
Online Multiplayer: No

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