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Pinobee Wings of Adventure - Game Boy Advance

Pinobee Wings of Adventure - Game Boy Advance

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Pinobee: Wings of Adventure is a 2D platformer game for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. Developed by Artoon and published by Hudson Soft, the game was released in 2001. Players control a bio-engineered robot bee named Pinobee on a quest to rescue his creator, Grandpa Bee, and to thwart the evil plans of an antagonist named Vestor. With an emphasis on fluid movement and exploration, Pinobee can dash, hover, and launch himself in multiple directions to navigate through colorful, vibrant levels. The game's charming graphics and whimsical storyline are matched with its unique spin dash mechanic, enhancing the traditional platforming experience.

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Platform: Game Boy Advance
Release Date:
Genre: Adventure

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