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Resistance: Fall of Man - Greatest Hits - PS3

Resistance: Fall of Man - Greatest Hits - PS3

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Resistance: Fall of Man - Greatest Hits is a sci-fi first-person shooter (FPS) for the Sony PlayStation 3. Set in an alternate 1950s where humanity is battling for survival against the Chimera, an alien race that has invaded Earth. Players take on the role of U.S. soldier Nathan Hale as they fight through a ravaged Europe, using a variety of advanced weapons and gadgets. Renowned for its intense action, co-op gameplay, immersive narrative, and challenging enemies, Resistance became a flagship title for the PS3 and a definitive entry in the console's library.

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Platform: Sony PS3 Playstation 3
Release Date:
Genre: FPS
Rating: M
Year: 2006

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