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Seven Samurai - PS2

Seven Samurai - PS2

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Seven Samurai 20XX is a third-person action game for Sony PS2 Street. This game is an adaptation of Akira Kurosawa's classic 1954 film Seven Samurai, reimagined with futuristic and fantastical elements. As one of the titular samurai, you are tasked with defending a village from a horde of robotic invaders. This hack-and-slash gameplay, interspersed with strategic planning and role-playing elements, requires skill and strategy. It offers unique combat mechanics, a wide variety of weapons, and cinematic storytelling, which underlines its action-adventure genre. With its rich and immersive graphics, it provides a unique gaming experience.

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Platform: PS2
Brand: Sony
Release Date:
Genre: Adventure

Tags: Adventure | Media | Playstation 2 | Playstation Two | PS2 | Sony | Video Games

SKU: 808777602959

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