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Super Star Soldier - NEC Turbo Grafx 16

Super Star Soldier - NEC Turbo Grafx 16

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Super Star Soldier is a classic vertical-scrolling shooter video game developed by Kaneko and published by Hudson Soft for the NEC TurboGrafx-16 console in 1990. The game is a sequel to the 1986 title 'Star Soldier,' and it continues the series' tradition of intense, fast-paced shoot 'em up action. Players pilot a spaceship, the Neo Caesar, battling through various levels filled with waves of enemies and challenging bosses. With power-ups to enhance their ship's weaponry, players aim for high scores and ultimate victory. The game is known for its difficulty, addictive gameplay, and has been praised for its graphics and sound which showcased the TurboGrafx-16's capabilities.

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Platform: NEC Turbo Grafx 16
Release Date:
Genre: Shoot'Em Up

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