Sympathy For Delicious - Blu-ray Comedy 2010 R

Sympathy For Delicious - Blu-ray Comedy 2010 R

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Sympathy for Delicious is a 2011 drama film that marks the directorial debut of actor Mark Ruffalo. The story follows Dean O'Dwyer, also known as Delicious D, played by Christopher Thornton (who also wrote the screenplay), a DJ in the L.A. underground music scene who becomes paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Struggling to make ends meet and losing hope, Dean discovers he has the power to heal others but not himself. This miraculous ability lands him in the world of faith healing, which leads to both fortune and fame but challenges his own values and morality.

As Dean wrestles with the ramifications of his gift, the film delves into themes of faith, redemption, and the often-blurred line between exploitation and genuine care. The ensemble cast also includes Juliette Lewis, Laura Linney, and Orlando Bloom. Sympathy for Delicious is rated R for its language, some sexual content, and nudity. The film explores the gritty side of the human experience while posing questions about the nature of disability, healing, and personal fulfillment.

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Format: Blu-ray Comedy 2010 R
Release Date: August 23, 2011
Genre: Drama
Composer: The Besnard Lakes
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