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Toy Story 2 - PS1

Toy Story 2 - PS1

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Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue! is a 3D platformer for the Sony PlayStation 1, based on Pixar's animated film of the same name. Players control Buzz Lightyear as he sets off to rescue Woody from a toy collector. Across various levels reflecting scenes from the movie, they jump, climb, and shoot through environments like Andy's house, a toy store, and airport baggage system. Buzz can perform a range of moves and collect power-ups while solving puzzles and battling enemies. This family-friendly adventure game combines engaging gameplay with the charm of the Toy Story universe.

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Platform: PS1
Release Date:
Genre: Platformer

Tags: Media | Platformer | Playstation | Playstation 1 | Playstation One | PS1 | Sony | Video Games

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