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Wappy Dog - DS

Wappy Dog - DS

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* Cartridge Plus includes the cartridge, case, and cover art. *

Wappy Dog is a unique simulation game developed by Sega Toys and published by Activision for the Nintendo DS. The game combines virtual pet mechanics with physical toy interaction, as players care for and nurture their robotic dog Wappy using the DS as a communication device. The game blurs the lines between digital and real-world play, as players can issue commands and see Wappy react both on-screen and through the actions of the physical toy. It offers a blend of mini-games, customization options, and activities that deepen the bond between player and virtual pet, making it a family-friendly title in the life simulation genre.

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Platform: DS
Release Date:
Genre: Simulation

Tags: DS | Lincoln | Media | Nintendo | Omaha | Simulation | Video Games

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