When will my order ship? Orders are fulfilled daily and you will be notified when your order is shipped. You will have the ability to track your package.

How long does it take to ship? It takes about 3-5 business days to ship items. 

Who should I contact if I have issues with my order? Simple inquiries or requests can be answered via Facebook Messenger. If the situation is more complicated feel free to send us an email. We will address the issue in about one business day.

What is your refund policy in-store? Our in-store return policy is a replacement guarantee against defects. This means no cash refunds with some exceptions. Bring in the defective product to one of our stores and we will make it right by either swapping out the item or giving in-store credit for the value of the item.

What is your refund policy online? Our Online return policy is the same as our in-store return policy. We will deal with each refund request on a case by case basis. Besides exchanging the product, we may ask you to return the product before we process a refund or send a replacement item. We may also give you discounts on further purchases from our site. If we feel that we were at fault in regards to an error on any order, we may issue a general refund/ exchange for that order and give you a one-time use code for five dollars off a future order.

How do I know if an item is in stock? Use the search bar! An item that is not on the site or out of stock is not available for sale. If you are local and close to either our Lincoln or our Omaha location, you may call (402) 438-7161 to check our back-stock! If we have a copy, we will sell it to you. For those who are not local, you may have to wait until we update our inventory. We update our inventory daily. 

Items shown on Social media? Any item shown on our social media pages with exceptions are for sale or will be for sale in the near future. Any inquiries for items shown on our social media posts should go through our direct messages on those social media pages. We may decline any offer for any reason, but we are more than willing to negotiate.  

Are you guys a legitimate business? Short answer, yes. Long answer, we have been open and serving Nebraska for more than a decade. We recent opened a New location in Omaha and our website is the most recent evolution of The Gameroom. We have a long track record on internet through social media and google. If you need further proof of our legitimacy, do a google.

What should I do if I believe prices are too high or I have been treated unfairly? Contact us! We want to know so we can rectify the situation or explain our business model to you. Please keep in mind that we manage the prices of 30,000 games and some might have missed the mark. We recommend you do so either through email or direct messages on social media. If you choose to comment on our pages, we may reply to your comment professionally and with respect, but understand the comment will be open to the public to comment as well. We have a zero tolerance policy against harassment on our social media pages. If you do harass others on our page, we will limit your access to our social media pages.

How do we support your business? Spread the word, give us positive reviews on social media and Google. We appreciate you, even if your review is not 5 stars, we want to hear about your experience at The Gameroom!